Monday, August 13, 2012

Cascading Card

I had to stop quilling for bit to make this card.  Boy did I love this one.  The original card and video tutorial are here using a 12 X 12 sheet of cardstock.  I usually like to adjust patterns to make them work for 8-1/2 X 11 sheets of cardstock because as a card maker, I do use these more.  That's not to say that I don't use 12 X 12's but, mostly I like to use 8-1/2 X 11's.  Anyway, the pictures below give you different views of the card so you can appreciate it better.

You can see the dimension really well here.  Yes, I stamped the inside too.  I wanted it to be pretty all over!  I used another leftover trading card (had to cut down a bit so I lost a little of the "H").
 With this side view you can see the folds much better.  You can use this for extra embellishing if you like, but it was getting late for me so I just stamped it.  Notice the little toppers on the intersections.  I made those with a border punch and cut it down to fit (glued to the inside).  On the back of the card I glued down a strip of black cardstock to cover the curls glued down there.  I probably could have just added a layer of cardstock to cover the entire backside but, opted out on that one.
 Here's a close up of the pretties I put on the front.  See the dress pins?  I made those!  I think I'll post about those this week sometime - I know you've been waiting to see them!  I have a bunch made up (made more last night) and I can't seem to stop making them.  They're so much fun to make - and easy too!    I have to force myself to put them down so I can finish my quilling project (that is coming along slowly - I started over due to color change).

So, if you want to make it with a 12 X 12, use Frenchie's instructions.  If you want to use an 8-1/2 X 11 follow her basic instructions with the following measurement changes that I made:

  • Cut the cardstock to 8-1/2 X 10-/1/2.  Score @ 1.75, 3.5, 5.25, 7 (pencil mark only), & 8.75
  • Before cutting in half make a tick mark at opposite ends at 5-1/2" (these marks will be opposite diagonally).
  • I did use the pencil lines to mark the halfway line before cutting on the scored lines.  Much easier for me.
  • Only cut the scored lines on the far left and right, and the center scored line up to middle (pencil mark).
  • Erase with a white or kneaded eraser (works well).
  • Assemble then add decorative paper to make sure you get the paper only on the panels facing you. (Best to cut decorative paper down 1/16th of an inch at least so it doesn't interfere with folding)
  • Use printed cardstock if you don't want to stamp background like I did.
  • Two-sided paper looks great (see Frenchie's samples).
  • Use a regular letter envelope (small one) to mail this card & to determine the height of embellishments.

That's it for today.  Leave me a comment if you know how I can find the gallery at SCS with samples and/or tutorial of this card style (tried cascading card).  I would love to see them!  Enjoy!