Sunday, December 2, 2012

Eclectic Ellapu Week #8 - Santa Paws & Snowflakes

Wow!  Can you believe it's December already?!  The weeks have gone by so fast. The Eclectic's have been going strong for 8 weeks now.  Whoo!  Hoo! The Purple Team is on again this week and there are some really great project inspirations over there for you from the DT.  Stop by the Eclectic Ellapu blog to check them out then get your groove on and upload your project there using Ms. Linky.  As usual, the challenge is one week.  You better get started.

Here's my first project this week.

I saw the idea for this project on another blog (I can't find it again but, will keep looking) and had to make one for myself.  I had to change up a few things though.
Instead of using tissue paper (the kind for wrapping gifts) I found this cute kleenex tissue package in the dollar isle at Target.  It was so perfect for this project. Anyway, I started by using score tape on each end of the tube about 3/4' down.  Then I took the tissue (using one on each end) and folded it in half gluing the bottom raw edges together.  Before taking the backing off of the score tape, measure around the tube with the tissue and trim so it overlaps at least 1/4".  Glue tissue to tube; gather and tie with coordinating string (cut the fringe longer if needed before completing the knot).  Don't forget to fill with treats before you tie the second end.  Gently fluff the fringed ends.
Cut a piece of coordinating card stock or designer paper large enough to go around the tube with a 1/4" overlap and wide enough to come within 3/4" of each end of the wrapped tube.  Roll the card stock/designer paper in your hands so it will wrap around the tube easier then glue into place making sure all seams are at the back.
I was fortunate enough to have this coordinating polka-dot ribbon in my stash so I used it to cover the ends of the card stock just like the original designer.  This works also to help even up the ends of the printed tissue that are showing.  Again the ends are at the back.  Next I added the sticky foam snowflake I had in my stash from Hobby Lobby to the front and a few bling dots.  I punched one more little blue snowflake and added one more bling to the center of  the snowflake for good measure.
After all that, I added some Champagne Mist spray for a little sparkle being careful not to get the tissue too wet.  You could also add some ribbon where the tissue is tied off with the string but it doesn't really need it.  A cute tag would look nice though to identify who you intend to give it to.
The best thing is that these are so fast to make (& cute too) you could fill a basket with these in a weekend.  Wouldn't this be a great gift for those on your Christmas list that you just want to give a "little something" to.  Go ahead, give it a try.  Warning: this project is additctive!


  1. Wow, handmade Christmas crackers! What will be next girlie, oh my goodness how creative and very very awesome. Well done!!!

  2. Hi Trisha,
    What a great handmade cracker, these would look wonderful on the Christmas Lunch table, love the snowflake.
    Suzie xx

  3. These are so clever. The patterned tissues are ideal and work beautifully with the ribbon and BG paper. Such a cute little gift!

  4. So very creative and professional looking! Would love to see a load of these hanging from a tree :)

  5. How fun! Your DIY popper is great and using the tissues? Fab idea!

    So glad you could join us in the Great Impressions Stamps December Challenge! Hope to see you again soon!