Saturday, February 23, 2013

Let it Snow????

Hello Crafters!
Okay, I have to know. Who the heck ordered all this snow? Maybe Punxsutawney Phil has lost his touch because 6" of white stuff is not what I had in mind for an early spring. Perhaps, like the rest of us who are aging, he's beginning to loose his perfect vision.  Maybe it's not his eyesight that's failing, maybe it's his "all seeing eye" that's beginning to fade. Either way, it might me time for retirement. We all have to at some point, maybe, just maybe, it's his time. Just saying...

So, in honor of the beautiful white carpet we are now adorning on our lawn, I have a snowman card for my post today. This card was made by my friend Dena Shaull. We had a winter card exchange in January with our stamp club and this was her creation.
 Here is her supply list:
Circle Die-cuts = CTMH
Stamp = Stampendeous Jumbo Snowman
Scarf ribbon = Michael's
Smooch = orange for his nose
Detailed glitter embossing powder
Mosaic sticker tiles = Hobby Lobby

Fold the card stock to the size you wish for it to be. Dena used 4-1/4".  Line up your folded edge just inside the cutting edge of your die-cut and cut. The result will be the bottom layer you see above (a circle with one flat edge - the folded edge). Next, layer another circle, slightly smaller than the first on top of the first layer with foam tape or dots. On a scrap piece of white card stock stamp and emboss the the jumbo snowman's face, hat, and twig arms then cut out. Attach the hat (I forgot to color mine) to the snowman head then layer with foam tape on top of the last circle creating dimension. I recommend doing this on top of your envelope to make sure you don't go past your envelope edges. Glue the twig arms down under the middle layer again, making sure not to go past the size of your envelope (you can always do this at a bit if an angle too because your card is longer from corner to corner) . Add the ribbon under the snowmans' head and tie. Use a glue dot to hold in place. Place the mosaic tiles on the bottom layer (card base) for buttons. Add your sentiment to the inside and you're done. 
Now, wasn't that easy? Too bad shoveling snow couldn't be done with as little effort! At least the kids got to enjoy one more snow day. I guess there's always a bright side but, my perception is a little skewed as I really dislike cold weather. I am originally a Floridian after all!
Happy crafting!

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