Monday, May 21, 2012

Family Frame

I love making things not of the ordinary.  Once in a while I get that opportunity.  This little gem was one of those times.  With Memorial Day coming up I am reminded that our families may be far and wide or some gone from us but we love each other in ways that only each of our family members can understand.

My first born son is graduating from high school this week, a huge milestone for our family.  We are so proud of him.  But it's finally sinking in, that he's growing up and it won't be long before he's out on his own.  He and I are both having growing pains I guess as I remember the baby that he once was and he looks forward to the man he will become.  As he moves into the next stage of his life I have faith that his family ties will stay strong and he will always be a part of our lives even if he doesn't live close by (although he has assured me that he will).  We have been so blessed.  Love you baby boy.

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