Friday, December 28, 2012

Origami Bell Ornament

Hello Crafters!

Ok, I know I'm a day late but, it took a bit of time to get the diagrams together properly for you.  So, without further adue, here's my completed origami ornament with a few instructions below for you.
Now, don't freak out. This is a lot easier than it looks, just like the last ornament. Here's your supply list:

6x6 Heavy Designer Paper (cardstock weight - core paper not recommended)
Bone Folder
Fishing Line (& a needle for threading)
Embellishments (I used strung beads)
Jewelry Finding (for top)
Ornament Hook
Wet Glue (holds better over time)
Hot Glue

Start by placing your square of paper down on your working surface with the side that will be the inside facing up  I am using green as my inside color and red as my outside color for the purposes of these instructions.

inside facing up
 Next, fold from corner to corner diagonally, unfold, repeat on remaining corners. I like to do this fold first to make sure my paper is perfectly square.  Your folds will look like this:
diagonal fold both directions

Now fold paper in half, unfold, and fold in opposite direction, green to the inside.  Your folds will look like this:
rectangular fold in both directions
When you unfold your paper you will have crease lines (did you use your bone folder?) that look like this:
well creased folds
This step is a little harder but, not much.  Take the bottom right corner and line up the bottom edge to the middle crease on your left.  Do the same to the bottom left corner making your edges meet in the middle. Your paper should look like this:
red=outside of paper (ornament)
You will need to unfold these folds and do the same fold (unfold after each corner) to the remaining 3 corners of your paper. When you have finished folding and unfolding your crease lines (you are still using your bone folder, right?) your folds should match these:

dashed lines=original folds, gray lines=folds you just made
OK, here's the toughest part.  Push down slightly in the center (against the green side here) where all your original folds meet while at the same time pushing the sides in at the dashed lines between the edge of the paper and the gray creased lines (above).  Here's what it should look like as you are pushing in:
green=inside of ornament, red=outside of ornament
I have eliminated the extra fold lines from the the diagram center , just imagine they are there. Continue to  fold the sides up to meet the center. The inside of your ornament (red folds) may begin to look like this:
you can barely see the green paper on the inside - you may not see it at all on your model
The last fold is to push the two (four) flat sides up to meet in the middle.  Your ornament will look like this:
darker shade of red is the bottom of the ornament protruding down
Lastly, you'll want to add a hanging embellishment (I used strung beads) before using your wet glue to seal the sides together. Give yourself enough fishing line (threaded on your needle) to come up from the bottom of the ornament through the top of the ornament for adding the jewelry finding.  Hot glue the jewelry finding in place (don't get the hot glue on the fishing line or it will melt), add your ornament hook and decorative ribbon.  Add additional embellishments if desired.  Voila! Your ornament is complete.

If you try this or have any questions, leave me a comment.  I would love to know how you did.  Leave me a link if you post it.  You may use my instructions/diagrams for your personal blog only as long as you link back here.  Happy Crafting!

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  1. Another lovely and unique ornament. I might need to try this one. Thanks again for playing with us at Mema's Crafts and good luck.

  2. This is beautiful and such a great use of orgami. So pretty.

    Thanks for joining our Chinese New Year challenge at Creative Card Crew.

    Happy New Year.


  3. Lovely! Brilliant job. Thank you for joining in the ATCAS challenge.
    Regards Florence x

  4. Great ornament! Thanks so much for participating in our Really Reasonable Ribbon Challenge.

  5. That's fantastic, thanks for joining us over at Sarah Hurley this month.
    C xx