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Eclectic Ellapu Challenge #19 Something for a Child

Hello Crafters!
It's time for another post for our Purple Team at Eclectic Ellpau. I am a day behind getting this posted as I wanted to make sure I had the tutorial written well. Our theme this week  "Create Something for a Child" is hosted by Madeleen. I hope you will go over and check out the rest of the teams projects. I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a great group of ladies! So, here's my project:
front view closed
front view beginning to open
front view opened-sentiment teaser
back of card-riddle solved
I decided not to make a traditional birthday or congratulations card and went to the funny side this week. We have all had children in our families not feeling well that just need a little laugh and that's how my project was born. Since I have boys, the alligator (SU-Animal Valentines) seemed to appeal to me. I stamped the background with a stamp from "Fun Faces" (SU). I also added ha!ha!'s with my marker to fill in a bit. Below is the pattern, supplies, measurements, and directions for you to make this card. Don't be intimidated by the length of the post. It's easier than you may think. I haven't done one of these cards for at least a couple of years and pretty much did it by memory. So, I know you can do it!

Base card stock (1) 9-1/2" x 6-1/4" (I used Summer Sun)
Accent card stock (2) 2-3/4" x 4-1/4" for inside panels (I used Garden Green)
White card stock for sliders (2) 2-1/4"x 4"
Image card stock backing (this will vary according to your image)
Stamps or Digi images including sentiments
Designer paper (1) 2"x 6-1/4" (SU)
1-3/4" square punch,
1-1/2" circle punch
Word window punch (SU)
Label punch (SU)
Ink & Marker (SU-Wild Wasabi)
Twine-about 18" if  you want a bow
Plastic shopping bag (strip 1-1/2"x13")
Score tape (or red line tape)
SU Dimensionals or foam tape
Other adhesive

Directions:(not as hard as it looks!)
Decorate, stamp, use your digi's or whatever to decorate the inner image/sentiment panels (the white layer) and prepare the outside images. Layer the inside panel images/sentiments (white card stock) on the green layers of card stock. The top image will be layered at the top of it's panel while the bottom image will be layered at the bottom of it's panel, set aside.

Score your card base at 3", 6", and 9" as shown above. When punching the holes for panels 1 and 3, only go about half way in on the punch and punch out. Mark with a pencil if you don't have a 1-3/4" square punch and punch twice. Go a little less than half way on the circle punch. You just need enough to grab the panel and pull. The notches on the sides of your punches will help you line them up straight.

Wrap your plastic strip around panel 1 at the cut outs (the square end ) -see below - not too tight, you want it to move freely. Glue the ends of the plastic strip together (do not glue to card!) with score tape (you need the extra support here) trimming off the extra plastic, you don't want that hanging you up. You should not have any glue showing. Your mechanism will not work if you do. Make sure the strip will move freely up and down. If it seems a little snug you may be able to tug just a bit on the plastic to stretch it. Be careful. This is your mechanism. You will be gluing your inner panels to the front and back of this strip.

add plastic strip to panel 1

fold panel 1 from left to right over panel 2
 Do a temporary fold of your card base (second image above), folding panel 1 from left to right (square cut-out). Now fold over panel 3 from right to left (half circle cut-out). Slide your upper inner image/sentiment panel in on top of the plastic strip (this is between panel 3 and panel 1) inner image/sentiment panel right side up. Push/pull your inner image panel in/out to a point where you can see all of your image/sentiment above the top of your card, but no more than that. Open panel three carefully. Mark with pen on the plastic strip at the bottom of your inner image/sentiment panel on the plastic, remove image/sentiment panel and set aside. Using score tape, put a small piece of tape on the plastic strip between the marked line and the top of the plastic strip making sure not to go past the plastic or below the marked line. This will hold your image/sentiment panel in place. Attach your upper inner image/sentiment panel to the plastic strip with the bottom at the marked line making sure all score tape is covered.

  You will do the bottom panel in a similar way except that you need to put the lower image panel between panel 1 and 2 image/sentiment side up. Before you mark the plastic, the upper inner panel should be pulled out to the "open" position. Don't forget to fold over panel 3 to make sure your lower image/sentiment will show past the half circle cut out when in the "open" position. Mark your plastic strip.  Again, using score tape, put a piece of tape between the marked line and the bottom of the plastic strip not going past the plastic strip or above the marked line. See image above.

Almost done. Add score tape at the fold line of the flap as shown above. Do not remove baking yet. I prefer to cover the entire flap on this side for security. As before make sure you have no excess glue showing or your card won't work like it should. You will attach this flap to panel 1 under the upper sliding image/sentiment panel. That is really the trickiest part of this card. You may have to fiddle with it a bit and practice pulling on the image panels before removing your tape baking. In fact, I highly recommend it. Then, glue the flap in place.

Assuming your card is in working order, you can now finish decorating the outside. Use your normal adhesive at this point. Glue the designer paper strip to your card base with the seam at the front so it will be covered by your outer image and embellishments. Add some ribbon and voila! You did it!

TIP: I usually like to make myself a white card stock pattern before trying a new card fold to work out all the kinks before moving on to my good card stock. Please, let me know if you have any questions what so ever on how to make this card. I would be happy to help you.

Now get on over to Eclectic Ellapu and join in our challenge!
Happy crafting!

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  1. Wow, Trisha this is awesome!! Love that alligator and thanks so much for providing such great instructions on how to make this - going to file this away to use :)